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There are hundreds of online pharmacies popping up everyday in the United States and throughout the world. Which pharmacies are trustworthy and which pharmacies are out to rip you off or even worse possibly kill you with fake DIET drugs or incorrect DIET drugs. That's where we come in. We are a support group that is on your side. We have a team of experts that will fight for your rights if you have trouble with an Online Pharmacy in the United States, Mexico or Overseas. Thousands of women and men are finding friends and support in our live member-to-member Support Group sessions.

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"No more double chin, fat cheeks & love handles"

US, Canadian, Mexican and Worldwide Pharmacies - Phone, fax numbers, email addresses, and links to hundreds of US, Mexican and Worldwide pharmacies. Gain direct access to pharmaceuticals.

We are changing the way people shop for Weight Loss medication!


I finally found a great source for Xenical diet medication thanks to your web site. Keep up the good work. Your site is a life saver.

Terry Stewart
Houston, Texas



Just want to tell you that I absolutely love your service and have spent hours at my new secret site. Subscribing to your service was definitely the most worthwhile thing I have ever purchased off the net. Also, the reason I'm actually writing is that I wanted to thank you for responding so soon with your answer to my question when I did not know how to access the newsletter after purchase and receipt. With your immediate response and assistance I was able to get right in. Thanks again!

Nancy G.


I couldn't believe how easy it was to dial these numbers. Your step by step dialing instructions connected me in less time than it takes me to call out side of my state. I used the Fax numbers you provided and the order was on it's way. Everything I ordered cleared customs and I received my order in a few days. Thanks and I will be ordering the whole enchilada shortly.

Larry Brown


It is a known fact that thousands of US citizens cross the borders into Mexico & Canada everyday to buy their own personal 90 day supply of pharmaceuticals. Many US citizens who seek life extension through pharmaceutical intervention and individuals tragically afflicted with debilitating diseases such as AIDS and other rare potentially fatal diseases for which a cure has not yet been established travel to these border towns. You see, there are thousands of drugs which are not available in the United States. Drugs that have been approved by other country's health ministries (their versions of the US FDA) Some individuals including doctors, believe a number of these drugs may help fight debilitating diseases. Others are certain that some drugs may extend life spans (promote longevity and vitality) and reverse or at least slow down the aging and weight gain process. If you are not planning a trip to Mexico or Canada you can always get some great information from these pharmacies directly. Some can be very helpful in your search. Ask them if they have a price list and if they do business with Americans in the US by mail order. You will find that some of the big name pharmacies will help you in this area. You just have to shop around. Various revolutionary drugs get delivered with no problem. Remember the products must be legal, not controlled substances. Illegal drugs can get stopped by customs and are usually destroyed a short time later. Illegal importing of drugs is dangerous. Even though it is being done, we do not suggest that anyone do this. If you are traveling to one of these border towns pick out 10 to 15 pharmacies in the area you are going to. Call or Email the pharmacy's. If a Spanish or French speaking employee answers as in most cases continue to speak in English. They will quickly give the phone to the one there who does. In these border town pharmacies you can always get an English speaking person because the pharmacy is close to the US Border. They always have someone there who understands and speaks English with the thousands of Americans passing through their towns everyday. The English language is a must!! When you travel in Mexico or Canada you will be surprised on how many pharmacies there are. What a beautiful sight. In some towns there are three to four pharmacies on any block! With large signs like "Prescriptions for sale here cheap prices". Also an array of revolutionary drugs. Do not be afraid on the phone or by email in asking them what you want. They get these same questions everyday. Ask them for the product name and the price. If you feel the price is too high you can always bargain the price down. (Something that cannot be done in the US) drugs are big business in Mexico and Canada!! Call or Email around and compare prices and ask them any questions you wish. Some Pharmacies require a prescription to buy medication while others demand a doctor's consultation. Just ask if the medical doctor is in. A lot of pharmacies have a doctor on hand. They will write you a 90 day prescriptions as you need. One prescription per item. Now, if you order the Diet Pharmacies US, Mexican, Canada and Worldwide Pharmacy Yellow Pages you will receive value!!

If you order now you will receive our personal rating for each pharmacy which includes #1 product selection and variety this is based on the availability of different smart drugs, gray market products and weight loss medication. If the US ,Mexican or Worldwide pharmacy is rated "GREEN" then you can just about purchase any product in this pharmacy. #2 Acquiring real pharmaceuticals (no counterfeits) this is based on which pharmacy carries the best real products. For example: if the pharmacy is rated "GREEN" then the products Sold are not counterfeits and real products can be found here. If the pharmacy was rated "RED", however, beware this pharmacy has had problems and we don't recommend using them. #4 This is based on which pharmacies on the average ask for a doctors prescription. This is usually asked by the Pharmacist when you try to purchase any hard core product like pain medication. If the Canadian, Mexican or Worldwide pharmacy is rated "GREEN" it will include a prescription with your order for a small consultation fee usually between $25-$100. We also include US, Mexican and Worldwide Cities area codes and contact instructions for all volumes for easy telephone or Internet access!!!



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The Diet Pharmacies Newsletter Subscription Membership

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  • Monthly Newsletter - We keep you up-to-date. New Diets, News etc...
  • Daily News Articles - We track all the major news networks and news sources to keep you informed weekly on what's going on in the world of pharmaceuticals, online pharmacies, Medicare, US, Canadian, Mexican and World pharmacies daily news.
  • Links to our Online US, Canadian, Mexican & Worldwide Pharmacies - They accept Visa/MasterCard, PayPal,Money orders, wires and checks. They deliver via mail right to your door.
  • Ratings for our Online Pharmacies. Includes our Top Ten Pharmacy Lists.
  • Special discounts, priority VIP shipping/customer service to pharmacies we have partnered with.
  • Health & Fitness Diet Page - Hot Diets, Fitness tips and more.
  • Online Message Boards where you can ask questions and receive real answers from our subscribers.
  • Chat Room - Don't miss our nightly chat sessions. Chat members include Doctors, pharmacists, nurses and health professionals, plus visit with our Advocacy and customer service team.
  • We know you will find someone with similar medical conditions as yourself. Send them a message through your personal and private message center. Fill out a stored search profile and discover others with similar weight problems and other medical conditions who are eager to meet you and support you.
  • Answers to all your tuff questions (i.e. obtaining diet drugs,Hydrocodone, Vicodene, Celebrex, Viagra, Pain Killers, Xanax etc.. via mail order).
  • Access to Canadian, Mexican, Foreign and American Doctors from our web site that will write you prescriptions, as needed.
  • Pharmacy numbers, web sites and email links that our clients say work best for them.
  • Real life stories and testimonials written by our readers on how they obtained medication using our information from US, Canadian,Mexico and Worldwide pharmacies.
  • New updated pharmacy numbers and Doctors who write US, Mexican and Worldwide prescriptions.
  • Mail order tips.
  • Foreign Versus American Drug price cross reference catalog. Compare for yourself.
  • Medication information Data Base
  • The largest and most comprehensive searchable pharmacy and drug availability Data Base online.
  • Seizure Guard discounted protection. Never worry about your order being seized again. 100% protection from our approved pharmacies.

Save $$$1000's$$$ by using our TOP SECRET information. We have been supplying pharmacy information to people just like you since 1996. There are others who try and copy us but we were the first and we are the best...that's why we maintain a huge monthly subscription membership rate. We have thousands of members who are just like you who can help you and show you how they continue to use our service to save thousands on prescription medication. Find out step-by-step the easiest way to obtain prescription medication with a prescription. It usually takes 2 - 3 days to receive your first order from our pharmacies using our system plus receive additional discounts from pharmacies we have partnered with. These pharmacies provide our members with priority shipping, special discounts and VIP customer support.


Dear Bobby ,

I really enjoy your newsletter and find it very informative.
Thank you for all your efforts in making this site so enjoyable and educational.

Sincerely, Ann M.


Your newsletter is worth every penny. I can't wait for the next issue.

Tony Brackens
Sydney, Australia


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Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas (Baja California), Cancun & Cozumel, Ensaenada (South of Tijuana/Baja Cal.), Juarez Mexico (South of Texas El Paso), Laredo & Reynosa (South of San Antonio), Matzatlan & Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana, Bonus - Hundreds of additional cities in the US, Mexico and Overseas.

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